Avon Turf only use the very best quality seed supplied from within the UK, turf is cut fresh in the morning, we do not stock turf..

All our turf is grown from the very best seed, usually supplied by Germinal Seed, formerly British Seed Houses, DLF Trifolium or Barenburg once germinated intensive mowing takes place, this encourages good root growth and keeps the turf in good condition. Between twelve and sixteen months later a thick and healthy sward will allow the lifting to take place. During hotter weather we water the turf before its delivered, lush, green and pre-fertilized ready to lay.

Classed as "hard wearing domestic or aminity" it has good regeneration properties, a strong root system and endures sustained mowing, a wear resistant sward and is good for family gardens.

Our top soil and lawn turf.

Our top soil is available in three ways, delivered loose to site in a tipping truck, as dug or shredded and dry screened which has been stored under cover, it's more expensive but makes winter work a lot easier. We can also supply certificated soil.Typical soil analysiss test results.

Typical mix one, for dryer conditions.

  • ESCAPADE Perennial Ryegrass 12.5%
  • CARNAC Perennial Ryegrass 12.5%
  • BORLUNA Slender Creeping Red Fescue 25%
  • JASPERINA Strong Creeping Red Fescue 20%
  • RELEVANT Strong Creeping Red Fescue 20%
  • HIGHNOTE Chewings Fescue 10%

Typical mix two, hard wearing, with good regeneration properties.

  • BARACROWN Slender creeping 15%
  • BAREUO Perenial rye grass 10%
  • BARAGOLD Perenial rye grass 10%
  • BARAGREEN Chewing fescues 15%
  • CHOPIN Strong creeping fescues (red) 30%
  • SALSA Strong creeping (red) 20%